Where are you located ?

Directions from the South (Wellington)

  1. Heading SH1 from Wellington via Porirua and Paraparaumu to Waikanae
  2. Take the Expressway until the end in Peka Peka
  3. Take the first LEFT to Te Hapua Road
  4. Take the first RIGHT to Derham Road
  5. After 1500 Meter on the LEFT you see the Sign “Mary`s CatVilla”
  6. TURN RIGHT into the Driveway and to the top of the hill
  7. Parking is in the Front of the House

Directions from the North (Auckland, Taupo, Palmerston North)

  1. Heading on SH1 to the South via Levin and Otaki
  2. 3 KM behind Otaki you pass by Te Horo, stay on SH1
  3. 2 KM behind Te Horo the Expressway starts, but 500 Meter before it starts turn to the RIGHT to Te Hapua Road
  4. Take the first RIGHT to Derham Road
  5. After 1500 Meter on the LEFT you see the Sign “Mary`s CatVilla”
  6. TURN RIGHT into the Driveway and to the top of the hill
  7. Parking is in the Front of the House

Our address is 125 Derham Road, Te Horo at Kapiti Coast.
You can download as well or Directions from the North and from the South.

    How many Condos do you have ?

    We offer 16 Single Condos at the moment, but we plan to extend within the next few weeks or months.

    What is the Petzi Treat Cam ?

    The Petzi Treat Cam is installed in some of our condos in the Cattery and contains an HD camera, high-quality audio, and the ability to remotely dispense treats at the touch of a button via the Petzi app. Also, the iOS and Android apps allow you to interact with your cat, as well as share their pet pictures and videos via social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Mary`s CatVilla is the first to bring this Device to a Cattery in New Zealand to give pet parents the possibility to keep in touch with their cat(s) during holiday or long-term trips. When booking Petzi the Device is installed in your cats Condo. For privacy reasons, you can only see the Condo and your Cat(s).

    You can prepare yourself for using Petzi by following the instructions on our Info Sheet.

    Do you have experience with pet first aid?

    Mary successfully completed the Pet First Aid Course by the Pet First Aid and TrainingNZ Ltd in Wellington.

    What do your Condos look like?

    A Single Condo is  1,20×1,20×1,00 meter, and the cat has access for most of the day to a semi-community area. Our Condos have a connector to combine two Single Condos to one Double Condo.

    The maximum occupancy of a Condo is two cats. However, we recommend for two adult cats two Single Condos or a Double Condo.

    To learn more see the Description of our Condos.

    What are your Terms of Trade ?

    See details of our requirements and proceedings in our Terms of Trade.

    Can I manage my personal Details and the Details of my Pets online ?

    Yes, you can log in using http://www.catvilla.co.nz/login in our CatVilla Customer Portal. It is very easy to use and there is more than one way to manage your Details. In case you need some help, have a look into our User Help Document.

    What can you expect when your cat arrives?

    1. We will check your cat(s) vaccination proof in compliance with the Council regulations.
    2.  Complete any paperwork that has to be filled out (I.e emergency contact, vet, etc).
    3. Then we will bring your cat within his/her carrier to the Cattery and place him/her in the assigned condo. So your cat can feel comfortable, As well we want that she do not notice other cats if possible at the time.
    4. Your cat will stay for a while in the condo to acknowledge that the condo is his/her “safe spot”. That is important to lower the stress for your pet to adjust to the new environment.
    5. We will monitor the new guest regarding food and water because when a cat starts to eat or drink it is a sign that he/she feels safe.
    6. Later on that day or the following day your cat can join the play time so that your cat can socialise with other cats in the semi-community area. Cats will acknowledge the community area as a “neutral zone” so that everyone can enjoy the Indoor/Outdoor areas without any territory issues.

    What does your Cattery look like?

    Have a look at our Photo Gallery with a lot of photos.

    Do you have an isolation area?

    Yes. The Isolation area is reserved in the case a cat should become ill while staying with us.

    See some photos of our isolation area in our blog post.

    Are you certified by AsureQuality?

    Yes, you can see our provisional Approval by the AsureQuality Pet Boarding Approval Programme here.

    Can I visit Mary`s CatVilla ?

    Starting Beginning of December 2018 you can arrange Tours. Give us a call to arrange an appointment.

    Did you offer Boarding for Dogs ?

    Please contact us, if you need Dog Boarding in the area.

    What kind of vaccinations you require?


    Your pet must be current (including booster) on vaccinations (Panleukopenia, Respiratory Disease/Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus) and proof must be sighted at the time of drop off into the Cattery.

    Small Animals

    Your Rabbit must be current (including booster) on vaccinations for Calicivirus. Other Small Animals did not require vaccination.


    Your dog must be current (including booster) on vaccinations (Canine cough, Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis) and proof must be sighted at the time of drop off into Mary`s PetVilla. We recommend as well Lepto vaccination.

    See further details in our Terms.